Windmill in Waterland

Just north of Amsterdam, the rural area called Waterland is an insider tip for people who want to see the breathtaking scenery of the countryside in the province of North Holland. Rent a car or, even better, a bicycle and explore the narrow roads, visit small villages, a farm museum, see and visit windmills, dream away in the unspoiled countryside, only miles from the vibrant city of Amsterdam.

Like so many areas in Holland, Waterland was marsh land when the first settlers arrived around the year 1000 or even before that. The settlers were "harvesting" the peat, creating canals while doing this. The canals took care of transporting the water and making the area dry but this also caused lowering of the land. A dike was needed to protect the are from flooding. The area never got dry enough to be used for agriculture so the settlers were keeping cattle for milk and a dairy production developed.

The area still has a lot of cattle farms and some small colorful towns and villages are scattered throughout the area. Some interesting places to visit are Zuiderwoude view photo, De Rijp view photo, Monnickendam view photo,
Groot Schermer view photo and Broek in Waterland view photo Electric powered boats and canoes can be rented in many places - boats are the best way to get around in Waterland.

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