Flower bulbs


If you ever flew to Holland in spring time and you approached Amsterdam Airport form the west you have seen the beautiful colorful tulip fields. From the air it looks like a patchwork of different colors, it's simply amazing! view photo - view photo - view photo

Since the 16th century the Dutch have been growing Tulip bulbs and other flower bulbs. Originally form Turkey and Iran the tulip was introduced in Western Europe. The area just behind the dunes at the North Sea beach is very suitable for flower bulbs - it is known in Holland as the "Bollenstreek" (bulb area).
Over the centuries the tulips, both flowers and bulbs became an important agricultural product. Today flower bulbs from Holland are exported all over the world.

A major tourist attraction in spring is the world's largest flower garden, Keukenhof. Every year more than seven million (!) flower bulbs are planted. Breathtaking displays of flowers don't cease to amaze many thousands of visitors every day. view photo

If you are in the country in spring time and want to experience the flower bulbs like many of the locals do you should rent a bicycle and take a ride along the seemingly endless fields. It's an experience you will never forget for the rest of your life! I used to do this when I still lived in my beautiful Holland and, even although the last time I took a ride there is more than fifteen years ago, when I close my eyes and think of it I can still smell the wonderful scent of hundreds of thousands of flowers. view photo

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