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Holland Beautiful

On this site I will show you the beauty of my country. We will visit either a city, town, village or an area of Holland in every new article that will be published. I will write something about it and show you a series a photos.
Every article has a comment section and I would welcome your feedback!
I have gathered hundreds of photos for many articles and I plan to update the site every three, four weeks with a new article and a set of photos.
You can subscribe via RSS or get notified by email when a new article has been posted. Of course this notification service is free!
I sincerely hope that you will enjoy this site and who know, maybe one day you'll visit Holland!

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Street in a Dutch town Java script and Flash are used for various functions and visual effects and should be enabled.
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All small photos in the text on any page of this site may be clicked to view a larger version of the photo.


Almost all the photos were not taken by us but by some very talented photographers from all over the world. The photos have been downloaded from various sources in the internet or were sent to us by friends. When possible the name and a link to the website or the photo stream of the photographer have been included. Permission to use photos has been obtained from various photographers.
We respect the rights of photographers and want to give credit and place a link when possible. However in many cases it is close to impossible to contact the photographer or to find out who took a photo.
Should you find a photo on our site that was taken by you and if you wish to receive the credit you deserve, please contact us and provide some reasonable proof that you indeed are the photographer. We'll be more than happy to credit you and publish a link to your work.
If you are a (hobby)photographer and have photos from Holland that you would like to see on this page, please get in touch!


I'd like to thank the following persons:

  • Bill Willett from Ohio - he sent me a series of photos from Giethoorn and that email triggered the development of this website.
  • John Resig, the creator and lead developer of jQuery, the Java script library that is being used on this site.
  • Jack Moore, the creator of Colorbox, the lightbox application I use to show enlarged photos.

About us

This site was made and is maintained by Gerrit van der Bend, a web developer and Amsterdam born Dutch citizen, who is currently living and working in Puerto Rico.